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Aromatika, trust the power of nature!


The slogan of Aromatika says it all: Trust what nature can do for you! Believe in that power. Because what kind of products do you use for skincare? Have you truly thought about this before, by checking the ingredients list properly checked? In most cases, we do not need many of the ingredients included in our daily cosmetics, and some are even considered unhealthy for daily use.


Your skin is the largest organ of your body and we usually do not think about this very often. Most of the products that you use are absorbed by your body. The good AND the less good substances. Many can be properly disposed of by the body, but a part remains stubbornly present in the body. The past 10 years we have become more and more aware of what we eat, as we became more aware of our health. Logically that the next step is to look at what you use cosmetically. Make a choice, choose a clean and fair brand, see what you really need. Therefore, Aromatika is using only products that contain;


– Exclusively 100% natural ingredients

– No preservatives, parabens and dyes

– No synthetic fragrances or flavors

– Without genetically modified organism (GMO)

– Not tested on animals


About Aromatika


For more than 20 years, Aromatika provides 100% pure essential and carrier oils of the highest quality. Two decades ago they started with a very small team and small production facilities, but thanks to perseverance, guts and professionalism of the team they have succeeded in becoming one of the leaders in the para-pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.


Aromatika was founded in 1998. Today it is not only a distribution / trading company, but they also have their own two high-quality cosmetic production plants. Many of the raw materials that are used in the Aromatika products are produced on their own fields. This way they help creating employment opportunities for people in the countries where the plants are grown, and they can also guarantee the right constant product quality.


Aromatika has a very wide product range, which contains more than 100 hair care, facial and body care products. Through continuous research in the para-pharmaceutical and cosmetic field, they renew and improve their products time and time again. So there is plenty of choice! All products are made with 100% natural ingredients and extracts – a philosophy that forms the backbone of the company. With unique formulas, which contain a wide selection of natural ingredients – essential and carrier oils, herbal extracts – Aromatika now sells its products in more than eight countries. The adventure of Aromatika continues. Do you join? Believe in the power of nature!