Essential oil
The role of essential oils in everyday life:
 Essential oils help to elevate your mood, benefits the skin and hair care, and can help against multiple skin and health conditions.   
How to use essential oils:
Essential oils can be applied to the skin in different ways, such as in combination with your traditional cosmetics or by inhalation. You can apply essential oils topically using compresses, sprays, baths, or massage them into the skin with a carrier oil, or by adding them to your favorite shampoo, hair mask, foot cream and so on. You can also make a sachet for flavoring your car, bedroom, office cabinet.  

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Aroma Sauna Blend

Aroma sauna blend

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Bergamot oil

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Black pepper oil

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Kalmerende blend

Calming blend

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Cedarwood Essential Oil

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Cinnamon bark oil

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Kaneelblad olie

Cinnamon leaf

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Citronella oil

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Scharlei - Clary sage

Clary sage oil

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Clove bud oil

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Cypress oi

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Dwarf Pine Essential Oil

Dwarf pine oil

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etherische olie set

Essential oil set

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Eucalyptus essential oil

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Fir needle essential oil

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Frankincence African Essential Oil

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Geranium Essential Oil

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Good mood blend

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Grapefruit Oil

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Juniper oil

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