Recommendation per season


Every season we will make a product selection which perfectly fits the season. Think of the fresh scent of the Mandarin oil essential  or the soothing olive oil.


Take a bath with our ” eucalyptus” natural bath salts, or use the coconut oil as the basis of your homemade cream.


Please find the full seasonal offer with various discounts below:  

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Bath salts Orange

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Calming massage oil

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Coconut Oil

£7.16 Select options

Good mood blend

£5.01 Select options

Grapefruit Oil

£6.44 Select options

Lemon Essential Oil

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Mandarin Essential Oil

£7.61 Select options

Reed diffuser Orange

£11.46 Select options

Rose water 100 ml

£12.18 Select options

Shea Butter, cold pressed

£8.59 Select options

Sweet almond oil – refined

£7.16 Select options

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

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