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Everything you need to know about mature skin

Everything you need to know about mature skin:

How is mature, or older, skin defined?

Mature skin is characterized by a lack of volume. Visible lines and wrinkles are present, and the skin lacks sufficient moisture levels. With the right skin care, including essential oils, the skin’s condition can be visibly improved.


What happens during the skin ageing process?

As you get older, the skin ageing process starts. Both the structure and the texture of the skin visibly change.


As the natural compounds that provide the skin with a firm and youthful appearance decrease, fine lines and wrinkles appear. In addition, this weakens the internal structure of the skin further and may lead to a loss of skin volume and/or density. The skin may also develop sensitivities. Use the right skin care products to help the skin retain its firmness and structural integrity as much as possible, and to reduce any sensitivity.


What does mature skin look and feel like?

  • Facial skin is particularly thin and sensitive
  • Redness
  • Dryness and roughness
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • A tight feeling
  • Greater sensitivity to external factors such as weather conditions as well as food


How to care for mature skin?

It is important to use mild skin care products on sensitive, mature skin. For example, a daily facial care routine that does not irritate or aggravate existing symptoms. Choose products without synthetic additives such as parabens, perfume and mineral oils. The latter, believe it or not, is often a by-product of the petrochemical industry. Not something you’d like to use on your skin, certainly not older, sensitive skin.


Make your own skin care products

Nowadays, many care products contain additives that are simply not beneficial for your skin, nor the rest of your body. What is stopping you from making your own, completely natural skin care products? Follow our example and try our unique recipe. Easy to make, no synthetic additives, and most of all – very effective! Just give it a try.



# 20 ml sea buckthorn oil: This oil is particularly suitable for mature skin. The orange-red oil protects the skin against damage caused by free radicals.

# 2 drops of frankincense oil: Helps combat infections and supports the production of new skin cells.

# 2 drops of rose oil: Contains antioxidants and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

# 2 drops of Mandarin oil: Has a strong soothing and hydrating effect.


Preparation of your own essential oil mix:

1. Pour the base oil into a bowl or dish. Make sure it is clean to ensure good hygiene. Use a ceramic or glass dish, not a plastic one since essential oils can affect plastic. An even better choice is to purchase and use a dark glass bottle with a dropper or a pipette, for more accurate dosage.

2. Mix the essential oils together with the base oil using a clean spoon. 20 ml equals about 4 teaspoons.



After gently cleansing your face each morning and evening, gently massage a few drops of the oil mixture into your skin. Apply extra if needed. Be mindful – the less the oil comes into contact with your hands, or is exposed to the air, the better. This will benefit the quality of the oil and is much more hygienic.


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