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Essential oils:

 1-1 Q: What are essential oils?


A: The essential oils of Aromatika are 100% pure natural plant extracts. Each plant has its unique aroma, its own unique benefit and therefore has its own application.


The essential oils are quickly absorbed by the skin. Note, as the oils are so pure, it is always recommended to first mix the essential oil with a carrier oil or a body butter before applying it to your skin.



1-2 Q: What is the usual dosage? 

A: For massage / segment massages: 4-7 drops with a mix of a 15 ml carrier oil.


– Diffuser: 1-3 drops with 1-2 liters of water.


– Evaporation in Aroma lamp: 4-7 drops with 15 ml water for 15 m2.


– Enrichment of cosmetic products: 4-7 drops with 15 ml of the base (cream, shampoo, gel, soap, etc.)


– For Aroma bath: 7-10 drops pre-mixed with an emulsifier (1/4 – 1/3 glass of milk, cream or sea salt).



1-3 – Q: Why are there GHS symbols on our essential oil bottles?

Despite the fact that essential oils are safe and good for your health when used correctly, however, in large quantities or incorrect use there is a potential danger. Essential oils are a very powerful natural product and should always be used with slight caution. This is the main reason why European legislators require companies to use GHS symbols. Our advice is: read the manual or instructions carefully before usage.


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Carrier oils:

Q: Where can I use base oils for?


A: Basic oils also known as carrier oil are the foundation for many aromatherapy recipes. For example, a base oil can be used in a mix with a massage oil, body oil, in your body butters and facial serums. In addition, base oils are often used to dilute essential oil.


By diluting / combining a carrier oil with an essential oil you can cover a larger part of your body, which makes the use more efficient.


Reed diffusers:

Q: How can I adjust the intensity?


A: Open the bottle and place the eight baby sticks in the bottle. Let the essential oil be briefly absorbed. If you turn the sticks after five minutes, the rattan bamboo sticks will finely spread the aroma through the entire room. By turning the rattan bamboo sticks once in a while, increases the intensity once more.


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