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Get ready for the Autumn!

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The summer is over, and Autumn has started. For some reason this makes me excited, but also a bit sad. The feeling of rest and warmth, by laying on the couch while the wind blows around the house. An on the other hand, the rain that clatters against the window. For some the the best time of the year, and for others the darker days starts. However, everybody can embrace the Autumn and increase the Autumn atmosphere in the house with several delicious essential oil fragrances. We highlighted four different oils that suit the Autumn, and promote your health below.


Good mood Blend: As not everyone is happy with the upcoming dark days. Some of us are simply not made for the autumn and winter, and already look forward to the warmth of the sun. The Good Mood Blend can help you with this. Aromatika has a sunny mix of Orange Pineapple, Lime, Lemongrass and Lavender. Like the summer itself in a bottle.


Fir needle oil: aside from the fact that this fragrance brings you immediately into that wonderful Christmas atmosphere, pine needles oil, by evaporation, also has a very good effect on the respiratory tract. It also killed the germs in the air. Did you know that for this reason some hospitals evaporated pine needles on a daily basis throughout their facilities?


Eucalyptus oil: Do you ever go to the sauna? Then I’m sure you recognize will be familiar with the smell of eucalyptus. Fresh, stimulating and delicious for the respiratory tract. Resolves the mucus during cavity infections, and like the pine needles oil, eucalyptus oil disinfects the surrounding air. Advise ! Goes very well with Lavender and Lemongrass. Just try it!


Mandarin oil: Mandarin oil has a special effect on children: they become calm and happy. Which parent does not want that! Do you suffer from nervous tension and insomnia? Take a warm bath right before bedtime, mix a few drops of mandarin oil with a little milk and mix it with the bath water (never use pure essential oils in the bath). Do you bet that you sleep like a rose?


So there is plenty of choice to cheer up the Autumn atmosphere in the house during Autumn and Winter. Of course there is much more choice. Just experiment. Mix, match, be creative with scents!


I already prepared a simple mix for you if the Autumn and winter strikes. A delicious mix if your cavities were full and inflamed.


Add to a steaming bowl with boiling water:

2 drops of Eucalyptus oil

2 drops of fir needle oil

1 drop of Oregano


Put a towel over your head and, gently sniff these delicious steaming fragrances with short intervals. Pay attention ! Do not get too close, the water is boiling!


With warm regards,


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