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How to make your own winter mix with essential oils

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Everyone has their own thoughts and feelings around this time of the year. It is winter, cold, and the Christmas is only a few weeks away. Not everyone has specifically pleasant memories of this season, or they evoke a beautiful sense of nostalgia. But did you know that by using the power of essential oils you can create your own kind of world.


Your own world of fragrance in which you can feel comfortable and at home. This can evoke wonderful memories that make you happy, and improve your mood. That is why Aromatika has selected a number of fragrances, with a short description of their benefits, that can help you to make your own winter mix. A nice do it yourself for you and your family. Below you can find the specific selected essential oils to make your own winter mix. Ready to experiment?


Pine oil: Brings a purifying, warm and friendly atmosphere to your home. It expels unfriendly and negative thoughts, and purifies the air of bacteria and germs.


Orange oil: Particularly in this time of the year the orange essential oil can give you the feeling of joy and helps to improve your mood. It dispels gloomy feelings and makes problems bearable.


Cedar wood: Cedar oil is a strong oil with a soothing and purifying effect. The oil gives strength and has a soothing effect, which contributes deepen the breathing. Cedar works warming and comforting.


Frankincence african oil: Regulates anxious feelings, and balances the mood. The oil has a soothing effect and calming at stresses.


Cinnamon: The cinnamon oils gives warmth and protection with inner cold, and has a strengthening effect on the heart and mind.


Sandwood: A very warm oil, which is well known spreading peace and tranquility. Very suitable in the autumn and winter season.


The above fragrances are of course optional, but specially selected to make a winter mix that suits you. Experiment and find out which mix of scents suits you or appeals the most. As scent is very personal, the perfect winter mix can highly differ from person to person.


You can vaporize the mix in an aroma lamp, or an electric diffuser. A wonderful bath with your own winter mix also can be the perfect winter treatment. Do not forget to first mix the mix with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or almond oil. Enjoy your own creation. After all, it is composed by yourself for a specific reason…


With warm regards,


The Aromatika-team.



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