Reed diffuser Jasmine


Size:7 Ounce

Reed diffuser Jasmine with a set of 8 bamboo sticks
Application: for room air aromatization

Nominal volume: 200 ml

Fill your home with the great pleasant fragrance of the jasmin reed diffuser from Aromatika.

Aroma: sophisticated, tender, sweet and cool, light.

Jasmine Reed Diffuser Refill Jasmine Reed Diffuser Jasmine White Jasmine Refill Jasmine White Jasmin
The natural jasmine essential oil, that is present in the composition, is a popular natural remedy for improving mood, overcoming stress and balancing hormones. Jasmine oil has been used for hundreds of years in parts of Asia as a natural remedy stimulating your good mood, overcome anxiety and emotional stress.

Reed diffuser is the latest tool for aromatherapy. Evaporation of the oils goes through bamboo sticks at a room temperature. It does not require heating, which allows you to save the composition and useful properties of the oils.

Ingredients INCI: Parfum, Jasminium Officinale Oil.

Method of application:1) open the bottle, 2) insert bamboo sticks into the bottle with liquid. Odor depth depends on the quantity of inserted bamboo sticks. Rotate the bamboo sticks once in the four days to keep up the intensity level.

  • Fill your house with fresh aromas from Aromatika TM collection
  • Jasmin Reed diffuser includes natural jasmine essential oil, that is present in the composition, increases activity, invigorates and fills with energy, improves the mood
  • Jasmin Diffuser fills the room with intensive and lasting natural fragrance
  • The best reed diffuser Jasmin that fills your room with adorable fragrance
  • Choose one of our reed diffusers and enjoy natural fragrances for a long time

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