Refill diffuser Cinnamon

$14.99 $44.99
  • Plunge into the wizard world of odors and unforgettable flavours with aroma diffusers TM Aromatika
  • Reed Diffuser Refills Cinnamon will fill the room with a refined, delicate, sweet-cold aroma. Our AROMATIKA Room Fragrance Diffuser is an active aromatherapy remedy that takes you into a new world of fragrances. The aroma diffuser will put a special accent in your room, eliminate unpleasant odors and enhance your well-being
  • It diffuses the aroma and fills the room with intensive and lasting natural Cinnamon fragrance. The time of full evaporation is about 20 weeks
  • The best reed diffuser refills that fills your room with adorable fragrance. Reed diffuser refill - areas of use : House, Flat, Office, Conference Hall, Boutique, Shop, SPA salon, Beauty Salon, Fitness-club, Restaurant, Cafй, Bar, Entertainment Club and etc
  • Revive yourself with a good mood and well-being using aroma refill diffusers with natural oils!

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