Jojoba oil - Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil - 100% Pure & Natural - Golden Jojoba Oil Best Benefits for Skin - Hair - Face - Body - excellent w/Essential Oil -for Beauty - Aromatherapy - Massage

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Product Description

Aromatika Premium Quality Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

Natural:100 % pure and natural

Ingredients INCI:Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil

Origin country:Argentina

Natural jojoba oil contains natural ingredients such as vitamins, proteins, and collagen. The oil has unique hypoallergenic, regenerating, hydrating and firming effects. This oil is widely used in the cosmetics sector and is suitable for all skin types. This is an ideal oil for oily, acne-prone skin.

The oil prevents dehydration of the skin moisture, and therefore used for dry and wilted skincare. This high-quality oil provides the perfect care for all hair types.

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Jojoba Oil Ultra-Versatile – Use on Hair, Skin, Face, and Body

► Deep hair Conditioning – Leaves your hair hydrated, smooth, and shiny!

► Anti-Frizz Treatment – Add a few drops of jojoba to your leave-in moisturizer or heat protectant to knock back fluffiness and frizz.

► Anti, Aging, & Anti Stretch Mark - Increases skins suppleness, and helps to fade fine lines and wrinkles.

► Skin Control – Anti-inflammatory properties can soften calloused, dry skin, treat dandruff, soothe razor burn and more!

► Acne Treatment - Can help balance sebum production - making it ideal for acne-prone, and oily skin.

► Chemical Free Makeup Remover – Use a couple of drops to remove stubborn makeup or waterproof mascara.

Other Ways of Using:

Can be used as pure agent, in massage mixtures with other oils, as base oil for mixtures with essential oils, for enrichment of cosmetics (shampoo, cream, hair mask).

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  • 100% pure oils are the basis for your health, beauty, and longevity.
  • Narural Jojoba oil has best benefits for Skin, Nails, Lips, Face and Body, Multipurpose, Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle, against Stretch Marks, anti cellulite, great after Sunbath, Shaving, for Hair Care of any Hair Type. Cold pressed Jojoba oil can uses as pure agent, an excellent with Essential oil, great for Beauty and Wellness.
  • For more details please refer to the works on cosmetics (cosmetology) and aromatherapy
  • Make the right choice and protect your health and beauty.

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