Lavender Fragrance Reed Diffuser Refill 500ml - Lavanda Refill - Wardrobe Freshener - Home Fragrance Oil - Air Freshener - Aromatherapy - Essential Lavender Oil Diffuser - Scented Reed Diffuser Refill

  • BEST DIFFUSER Refill to bring scent of Lavender, calmness and tranquility to any space. We love Lavender Oil for its relaxing, floral scent. You will fill a wave of calm over your entire body
  • 100% ALCOHOL FREE REED OIL DIFFUSER for a wonderful LONG LASTING fragrance. Contains 500ml of Lavender oil diffuser refill. The more sticks you add, the stronger the scent
  • BEAUTIFUL VERSATILE LAVENDER OIL AROMA will promote calmness and wellness, all unpleasant odors will be removed. Oil diffusers are ideal for office spaces or home areas, guest toilets and bedrooms
  • ALMING & REFRESHING properties make Lavender Essential Oil the best oil to help relax mind & body. Just pour the refill into a clean diffuser bottle insert sticks and enjoy of a new aroma world
  • Home fragrance reed diffusers are flame free and breathe a beautiful scent naturally into the air of your space. TRUST THE POWER OF NATURE to dive into the aroma world of TM 'Aromatika' !

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