Melissa oil


Melissa Essential Oil
100 % pure Melissa oil
Latin name: Melissa indicum
Volume: 50 ml
Origin country India
The healing power of essential oils has been known and used since the most ancient of times. Melissa promotes vitality and health. Intensely refreshing, our divinely aromatic melissa oil is a gentle yet potent fusion of calming, nurturing and vitality promoting properties. Among the most precious of all essential oils, the herbaceous and lemony Melissa indicum helps nourish the spirit and restores optimal mental balance.

The melissa oil can perfectly be used for the following application:

- Skin care

- Mix with massage oil

- Cosmetics

- Aromatherapy

- Essential oil diffuser

- Room fragrance

- Aroma bath

- Make your own soap.
Application: for aromatherapy and oil enrichment of beauty aids.

Use of melissa oils:

- For massage: add 1–2 drops to 15 ml of base oil or any other massage oil.

- Moisturizer: 1–3 drops per 1–2 litres of water.

- Aroma lamp: add 4–7 drops to 15 ml of water per 15 sq m of room space.

- Cosmetics: add 1–2 drops of oil to 15 ml of base oil or cream, shampoo, gel, mask, liquid soap, etc.

- Aromatherapy bath: mix 7–10 drops of oil with bath salt, milk, gel, foam or other emulsifier and dissolve in water.
Caution: for external use. Must be individually tested. Avoid overdosing.
Avoid contact with eyes. If oil gets into eyes, rinse them with plenty of water.

  • The use of natural and pure Melissa oils is a guarantee of healthy skin, face, hair and body.
  • Pure Melissa essential oils are widely used: for aromatizing rooms, yoga, for improving mood, taking a fragrant bath, for bath and sauna, for massage, for improving the properties of cosmetics, for hair, skin care and many other uses.
  • Natural Melissa oil uses in aromatherapy, cosmetology, beauty and health. Melissa Essential Oils contain no synthetic components, preservatives, or colouring pigments.
  • 100 % pure and natural essential oils. Additional information about the qualities of this Oil (Melissa Indicum) can be found in aromatherapy and cosmetology books.
  • Feel natural personal care with using natural Melissa essential oils!

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