Neem oil


Neem oil
100% Pure & Natural
Volume100 ml
Native - Virgin - Unrefined - Cold pressed. Without emulsifier. cold-pressed
Ingredients INCI:Melia Azadirachta Seed Oil

Is a high quality vegetable oil, which is obtained by the gentle cold pressing process from the seeds of the Neem tree.

Directions for use:Can be used without additives, in massage mixtures with other oils, as a base oil in mixtures with essential oils, for the accumulation of cosmetic products (creams, masks).
Neem oil for skin care.

Due to its nourishing and at the same time healing effect Neem can be used excellently for the skin. Neem oil creates a nourishing protective layer around the skin and is extremely gentle on the skin.

The valuable oil is available as a bath additive, shampoo or shower gel.

The neem oil can also be mixed well with care products. Shower gel with neem oil as an additive has a cleansing, disinfecting effect and, with regular use, can significantly improve the skin structure. Furthermore, neem oil is suitable for all skin types, as it brings the skin in a natural balance.

Attention!Externally applicable. It has a specific grass smell. Before use - perform an individual sensitivity test against the product.

  • 100% NATURAL AND PURE NEEM OIL: the basis for health, beauty and longevity
  • 100% NATIVE NEEM OIL: intensive care for face, body, hair, skin, nails, hands, used purely, good with essential oil. Antioxidant. Neem oil - Also a lot of positive and healing properties
  • No oil can be mixed well with other essential oils or base oils
  • Detailed information can be obtained by using specialist literature on cosmetics (cosmetology) and aromatherapy

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