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Our AROMATIKA Reed diffuseris an effective aromatherapy and aroma design agent that will bring you into the world of new fragrances. The fragrances applied in the aroma diffuse a special accent on your rooms, cleans unpleasant odor, strengthen your well-being and your sense of beauty by your cozy space in memory is marked as a place where you or your guests always want to return.

Reed diffuser with natural essential lavender

Volume:3.38 oz

Reed diffuser lavender with bamboo sticks

Application:to aromatize the indoor air.

The lavender scent brings in the spiritin the sunny, cozy villages of Provence with their border less lavender fields over.

The essential oil of lavender,which forms part of the composition, helps to stimulate the work of thought, increases attention, helps to combat stress.

In addition, the lavender oil is a wonderful agent for scenting the air, especially in the unfavorable autumn and winter.

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With the help of aroma, it would be possible to increase the ability to work, to successfully negotiate, to stimulate some market activity, e.g. To anchor your brand name in the awareness of the customers and to ensure the loyalty to the brand. That's why our AROMATIKA Aroma Diffuser not only serves as a clean room decorator, but also as one of the options of business or personal relationships that can bring the tangible benefits to you

Evaporation timeabout 10 weeks.

Handling:open the bottle. Insert bamboo sticks into the bottle with a liquid. The scent saturation depends on the number of bamboo sticks.

Special notes:test individually. In case of contact with eyes - rinse with plenty of water.

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Jasmin reed diffuser Refill jasmin reed diffuser Orange reed diffuser Refill orange reed diffuser
3,4 oz
6,8 oz
Glass bottle included
Bamboo sticks included:
  • BEST ROOM DIFFUSER: for aromatizing indoor air, is an effective means of aromatherapy and aroma design of spaces that can lead you into the world of new aromas
  • DIFFUSER: has an intense and long-lasting natural fragrance. Evaporation time approx - 10 weeks
  • THE ESSENTIAL LAVENDER OIL, which forms part of the composition, contributes to the stimulation of the thought work, increases the attention, helps to fight the stress. In addition, the lavender oil is a wonderful means of scenting the air, especially in the unfavorable autumn and winter
  • CHOOSE ONE OF OUR REED DIFFUSERS and enjoy natural aromas for a long time to your home!
  • TRUST THE POWER OF NATURE to dive into the magic world of TM 'Aromatika' !

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