Rosehip oil

  • The Rosehip Seed Oil is without any synthetic additives, preservatives, colorants! Only 100% pure and natural oils.
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, micro- and macro elements which cannot be replaced when taking regular care at any age. 100% Pure and Natural Rosehip oil is a pledge of your Beauty, Well-being, Health, Beauty of your Hair, Face and whole Body!
  • Natural Rosehip oil is best for Skin, Nails, Lips, Hair, Face, Body, Scalp, Multipurpose, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle, use as a pure agent, an excellent with essential oil, great for beauty and wellness.
  • The use of natural and pure rosehip oils is a formula for your health, health of your skin, face, hair, hand and foot skin, as well as body skin. For more details please refer to the works on cosmetics (cosmetology) and aromatherapy
  • 100% natural protection of your beauty and health. Make a right choice!

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