Bath salt set - Lavender - Sea Breeze - Ylang-Ylang


Set with 3 Bath Salts 'Lavender', 'Sea breeze','Ylang-ylang'
Application: baths, skin care

We have enriched each granule of sea salt with distinctive notes of pure lavender essential oil.
Sea salt improves skin health and has the overall beneficial effect on the human body saturating it with necessary macro-and microelements.

Sea salt is rich in ions of calcium and sodium. These substances have tonic properties, regulate the level of cell moisture and activate metabolism. Bathing with fragrant salt helps to fight fatigue and to relax.

Application:dissolve 100-300 g of salt under warm running water (35-45°C) completely and have a bath for 10-20 minutes.

For external use only!
Nominal weight: 3*400 g

Storage: store salt in the closed original manufacturer's package at the temperature of 0°C - +25°C and relative humidity of 75%.

  • TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH AND BEAUTY with Set 3 bath salts: Lavender, Sea Breeze, Ylang-Ylang!
  • EVERY GRANULUM OF BATH SALT was made with great care and care from real sea salt with the addition of pure essential oils. Bath salts are excellent for good sleep, stress reduction, relaxation, beauty
  • BATH WITH YLANG-YLANG - improves health, stimulates blood circulation and body metabolism, relieves nervous and physical tension, makes the skin more elastic
  • BATH WITH SEA BREEZE saturates the body with important vitamins and minerals. Increases the performance, reduces tiredness during exercise, beneficial effect on your skin.
  • BATH WITH LAVENDER - improves mood, relieves, eliminates over-excitement, eliminates tearing and sleeplessness, and provides inner peace

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