Natural oil mix to reduce acne


The set contains 1x Jojoba oil 50 ml, 1x lavender oil 10 ml, 1x tea-tree oil 10 ml, 1x geranium oil 10 ml.



20 ml of jojoba oil: Jojoba oil is well known for its ability to be quickly absorbed by the skin and its soothing effect. The texture of jojoba oil is very similar to that of sebum, the natural lubricant which keeps your skin hydrated.


3 drops of lavender oil: soothes and protects

4 drops Tea Tree oil: anti-inflammatory

3 drops of geranium oil: strong antiseptic effect


Preparation: Combine the jojoba carrier oil with the three essential oils. 20 ml equals about 4 teaspoons.


How to use: Dab the affected skin with the natural oil mixture twice daily. 


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Preparation of your own essential oil mix

1) Pour the base oil into a clean bowl or dish. Make sure it is clean to ensure good hygiene. Use a ceramic or glass dish, not a plastic one since essential oils can affect plastic. An even better choice is to purchase and use a dark glass bottle with a dropper or a pipette, for more accurate dosage.


2) Mix the essential oils together with the base oil using a clean spoon.


How to use:

To cleanse the skin, wash your face with lukewarm water each morning and evening. Apply 2 to 3 drops of the oil mixture to a cotton ball, and gently pat on the affected skin. If necessary, add a few extra drops according to your skin’s needs.


Beware! – the less the oil comes into contact with your hands, or is exposed to the air, the better. This will benefit the quality of the oil and is much more hygienic.

Allow the oil mixture to penetrate the skin. Dispose of the cotton ball immediately for hygienic safety.


Shelf life:

Your own essential oil mix can be kept and used for up to two weeks. Cover the bowl with a piece of foil after each use. Use a bottle with a dropper or pipette for easier usage. Store in a dark and cool place, but do not refrigerate.



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