Anti-cellulite massage oil


Volume: 100 ml


Anti-cellulite massage oil helps to reduce the deposition of subcutaneous fat, promotes a slimmer figure, features cell renewing properties and stimulates blood circulation. It has a strong decongestant effect (which helps to shrink swollen mucous membranes), promotes the elimination of toxins and purifies the skin.  The massage oil both moisturizes and soothes, leaving the skin soft and hydrated.


100% Natural ingredients:

Carrier oils: grape seed, jojoba and peach kernel oil

Essential oils: lemon, lavender, juniper, geranium and cypress oil.


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Shelf life: 24 months


Usage: Apply the oil with massage movements to the skin.



Only for external use. The massage oil must be tested individually. Avoid contact with eyes. In the case of contact with the eyes, immediately rinse with water.


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