Body butter

Body butters Body butters are the perfect moisturizers, that temporarily increase the water content of skin. As result, body butters help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By getting older, the skin’s ability to stay moisturized decreases, and automatically becomes more dry and scaly.
One way to prevent this is by using moisturizers which contain occlusive, humectants and other compounds that “help restore the skin’s natural barrier against moisture loss and damage”— the same basic ingredients found in body butter. Body butters can specifically be used in combination with massage treatments, as body butters are thicker and absorb slowly, allowing your skin to get the maximum benefit. 

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Cocoa Butter

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Coconut Oil

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Mango Butter

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Monoi De Tahiti Oil

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Shea Butter ”Refined”

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Shea Butter, cold pressed

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