Essential oil blends

Specifically selected on their best properties, several 100% pure and natural oils are mixed into a blend. By mixing different essential oils with each other, their individual characteristics create a new powerful aroma. Think of a mix of scents that can stimulate mood, relaxation, or can be used for spa and wellness. 
The essential oil blends can be used for different purposes; add the specific blend to your bath before bedtime or mix a few drops of the oil on feet, palms, wrists or neck. For the ultimate fragrance experience, add a few drops to an oil burner, aroma diffuser or revitalisor. Because the essential oil blends are made from 100% pure essential oil mixtures, it is advisable for people with sensitive skin to dilute the oil with a base oil. 

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Kalmerende blend

Calming blend

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Good mood blend

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Sensual Blend

Sensual blend

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goede nachtrust - Aromatika

Sweet dreams blend

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