Bath salts Orange


With natural essential orange oil
Application: baths and skin care


We have enriched each granule of sea salt with distinctive notes of pure essential orange oil


Sea salt helps to improves the health of the skin and has the overall beneficial effect on the human body saturating it with necessary macro-and micro elements.

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The bath salt ‘’Orange’’ is rich in ions of calcium and sodium. These substances have tonic properties, regulate the level of cell moisture. Bathing with fragrant salt helps to fight fatigue and to relax.


Application: dissolve 100-300 g of salt with warm water (35-45°C) and have a bath for 10-20 minutes for the ultimate practice. 

Nominal weight: 600 g


Storage: store the salt in the closed original package at the temperature of 0°C – +25°C and relative humidity of 75%.

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