How can Aromatherapy help?

Winter hands and winter feet

Winter handen

What are winter hands, winter toes and winter feet?

Winter hands, winter or winter feet occur during cold and humid periods, especially in autumn and winter. The winter cold causes the blood vessels to narrow and become less well-blooded. The condition affects the fingers and toes, but also feet, legs, nose, eyes and chin.

What are symptoms?

The most important symptoms of winter hands and feet are (blue) red swelling, itching and can also be very painful, especially when warming the limbs. Normally the complaints are innocent and they disappear after a few weeks. But in some cases one can suffer from blisters, which when they burst can turn into ulcers (if they are not treated). Whoever who once suffered from winter hands or feet, is often confronted with it every year, except when one always takes the necessary precautions.


What causes this problem?

The cause of cold hands and / or feet cannot easily be identified and can have many causes. It has often to do with a disturbed blood circulation. Consider, for example, a disturbed hormonal balance. Eating unhealthy and smoking. An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to a poorer circulation of blood, which can result in cold hands and feet. Little movement and a sedentary profession. It is obvious; good blood circulation can stagnate. Diabetes, rheumatism, reduced heart function, varicose veins, sweat feet, obesity, high blood pressure, tight shoes, excessive alcohol consumption and the condition of the blood vessels can also play a role. Our hands, feet, fingers and toes are at the ends of our body. The blood therefore has to travel a long way to reach our toes and fingers. When something goes wrong in our veins, through one or more of the above, it is logical that our hands and feet have the first problems because the blood cannot (easily) reach the fingers or toes.


How can Aromatherapy help?

Besides the rigtht precautions such as taking good protection against the cold (no tight shoes and clothing), and avoiding extreme heat (so do not warm up your hands and feet at the central heating or fireplace), Aromatherapy a good support.



A massage is an effective way to relax, but also to stimulate your blood flow. Massage your hands and feet daily with a delicious body butter like shea butter or a carrier oil ( grape seed oil , quickly absorbed) combined with a few drops of essential oil such as. Rosemary , thyme geranium and frankincence. This will help you to improve the blood circulation.


Make your own foot and hand scrub

Scrub your hands and feet regularly, which stimulates blood flow. Below is a very easy recipe to make yourself a perfect scrub.


2 spoons sea salt (not too coarse, your hands and feet are already sensitive) 
2 spoons of a carrier oil (for example coconut , jojoba , almond ) 
2 drops of essential oil of your choice.


Just stir everything well and scrub with gentle movements. Then rinse under lukewarm water.


Besides the fact the autumn and winter can be cozy, they can bring a lot of inconveniences. The above advice and recipes can at least help to ease the symptoms.


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