Bath Salt Set

Volume: 2.8  lbs

Why Set with 3 Bath Salts ?

We have enriched each granule of sea salt with distinctive notes of pure lavender essential oil.
Sea salt improves skin health and has the overall beneficial effect on the human body saturating it with necessary macro-and microelements.

BATH WITH YLANG-YLANG - improves health, stimulates blood circulation and body metabolism, relieves nervous and physical tension, makes the skin more elastic

BATH WITH SEA BREEZE saturates the body with important vitamins and minerals. Increases the performance, reduces tiredness during exercise, beneficial effect on your skin.

BATH WITH LAVENDER - improves mood, relieves, eliminates over-excitement, eliminates tearing and sleeplessness, and provides inner peace

Health and Beauty

Fill yourself with a good mood and well-being using aroma bath salts with natural essential oils !

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