The world has changed. We have forgotten how to run barefoot in the morning dew, recognizing the healing herbs and smelling the aromas of flowers. Nowadays, we live in metropolitan areas. However, we still aspire to harmony. To the harmony within us and around us. And here we call for help from nature again... Trust the power of nature 

For over 22 years the Aromatika trademark has been providing 100% pure essential and carrier oils of the highest quality to its customers. Starting with a minimal workforce and small production facilities many years ago, owing to our persistence, courage, and professionalism, our company has managed to become one of  leaders in para-pharmaceutical and cosmetic production.

The Aromatika company was founded in 1998. Today it includes not only a distributing/trading company but also two state-of-the-art cosmetic production factories. Much of the raw materials used in our products are grown in on our own fields, thereby providing additional employment for people in the countries where the plants are cultivated. 

The product assortment is very wide, it includes over 900 hair care, face and body care as well as household products. The ongoing research in para-pharmaceutical and cosmetics areas has validated the great potential for innovation and development of new areas of activity.

All our products are made using 100% natural ingredients and extracts – a philosophy that is the backbone of our company. With our unique formulations with a wide range of natural ingredients - essential and carrier oils, herbal extracts - TM "Aromatika" has enjoyed success even outside the national market.

Long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers attest to the company's success and credibility of the brand.

TM "Aromatika" annually participates in prestigious national and international industrial fairs, where our products are consistently rated “premium” by experts. Direct cooperation with leading manufacturers of oil around the world allows us to offer the best prices for our partners and customers. Careful selection of components, reputable quality control of ingredients, and final product testing in our own laboratory guarantees that our products match European standards.

Company’s principles

  • “Aromatika” only uses 100% all-natural ingredients in its products
  • No products of animal origin

Company’s goal

  • To make people’s lives healthier. Healthy people make wealthy people!