Christmas Cookies diffuser


Christmas Cookies Aroma Reed Diffuser

Volume: 3.4 oz

8 Bamboo sticks

CHRISTMAS COOKIES AROMA REED DIFFUSER is one of the most popular and widely used during Christmas season. Sweet and warm aroma has an instant, positive impact on mood and helps to lift the spirit.

CHRISTMAS COOKIES AROMA can help to remove all unpleasant odors and you will enjoy of a nice aroma. Aroma diffusers are ideal for office spaces, retail showrooms or home areas guest toilets and bedrooms. Areas of use: House, Flat, Office, Conference Hall, Boutique, Shop, SPA salon, Beauty Salon, Fitness-club, Restaurant, Café, Bar etc.

HOME FRAGRANCE REED DIFFUSERS are a fabulous way to fragrance any room in the home and office; they’re flame free and breathe a beautiful scent naturally into the air.

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