Reed diffuser lavender

Natural:100 % 
Volume: 100 and 200 ml


 Why Reed diffuser lavender?   

The lavender scent brings in the spirit in the sunny, cozy villages of Provence with their borderless lavender fields over.

The essential oil of lavender,which forms part of the composition, helps to stimulate the work of thought, increases attention, helps to combat stress.

In addition, the lavender oil is a wonderful agent for scenting the air, especially in the unfavorable autumn and winter. 

With the help of aroma, it would be possible to increase the ability to work, to successfully negotiate, to stimulate some market activity, e.g. To anchor your brand name in the awareness of the customers and to ensure the loyalty to the brand. That's why our AROMATIKA Aroma Diffuser not only serves as a clean room decorator but also as one of the options of business or personal relationships that can bring tangible benefits to you


Reed diffuser lavender, including eight bamboo sticks



Reed diffuser lavender fills the room with an intensive and lasting natural fragrance. The time of full evaporation is about 10 weeks.

Fill your house with fresh aromas from the Aromatika TM collection. 

 Method of application

1) Open the bottle,

2) Insert bamboo sticks into the bottle with liquid. The strength of the fragrance depends on the quantity of inserted bamboo sticks. By using fewer bamboo sticks, the strength will decrease for a lighter aroma fragrance.

3) Rotate the bamboo sticks once in the four days to keep up the intensity level.

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