Argan Oil

$8.99 $10.99
Natural: 100 % pure oil
Volume: 1,7 , 3.4  oz

Why Argan Oil?

 100% pure oils are the basis for your health, beauty, and longevity.

Argan Oil Morocco Hair is also best for Skin, Nails, Lips, Face, Body, Scalp, rich in fatty acids (linoleic, oleic acid) and vitamin E, multipurpose, Anti-Oxidant, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, against stretch marks, uses as pure agent, an excellent with essential oil, great for beauty and wellness.


Health and beauty:

Treat your health and beauty with special care with the help of natural carrier oils.


Attention!Externally applicable. It has a specific grass smell. Before use - perform an individual sensitivity test against the product

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