Bath Salts Set

Volume: 2.8 lbl

Why Bath Salts Set ?

EVERY GRANULUM OF BATH SALT was made with great care and care from real sea salt with the addition of pure essential oils, for good sleep, stress reduction, relaxation, beauty

BATH with ROSA - perfectly tones and restores the healthy appearance of the skin, makes it supple, smooth and silky, slows down the aging process of the skin and promotes the respiration of its cells

Bath Salt with Eucalyptus - enhances the positive effect on the body, tones and refreshes the skin, reduces muscle pain, relaxes, improves blood circulation, and promotes rejuvenation

BATH with LAVENDER - improves mood, relieves, eliminates over-excitement, eliminates tearing and sleeplessness, and provides inner peace

Health and Beauty

Fill yourself with a good mood and well-being using aroma bath salts with natural essential oils !

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