Vanille Sea Salt

Volume: 1.3  lbs

Why Vanille Sea Salt ?

Healing Sea Salt Vanilla enriched with natural essential oil helps mitigate overall fatigue, raise mood, and boost performance. This curative sea salt is rich in vanilla essence and cinnamon essential oil. Exotic and spicy, its scent will immerse you in warmth and care, creating an atmosphere of cosiness and evoking pleasant memories.

Sea salt Vanilla has an exhilarating effect, gives strength and helps overworked yourself regain energy. The sea salt is rich in ions of calcium, potassium, and sodium.

A bath with fragrant salt with natural vanilla and cinnamon essential oil will make one feel revived and relax after a hard day.

Health and Beauty

Fill yourself with a good mood and well-being using aroma bath salts with natural essential oils !

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