Jasmine bath salt


Bath Sea Salt Jasmine - 600g
with natural Jasmine Essential Oil
Bath Soak - SPA - Shower - Foot soak

Bath Sea Salt with natural Jasmine Essential Oil is perfect for all skin types; it hydrates and nourishes dry skin, and improves its quality and appearance.

Soothe your muscles, refresh the skin and relax your mind & body while indulging in a luxuriously fragrant bath with the Essential Oils fragrance!

Bring the sunniest skincare into your routine, for healthier skin, for a Good Sleep, Relax, Personal Care, and a fit body.

Instructions for use:

For general body care and wellbeing - dissolve 300-400g of salt in a bath with warm water 37-38°C. Relax and soak for 15-20 minutes. Do not use soap as it will interfere with the action of the salts.

In the shower: to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of bath salts, sprinkle some bath salts along the floor of your shower.

Foot soak - dissolve 1/2 - 2 cups (approx 100g) of salt in a warm foot bath of approx 37°C. Relax and soak feet for up to 20 minutes, refreshing with additional warm water if needed.

Body Scrub - add a little salt to a tablespoon of olive oil or shower gel.
To very gently exfoliate and soften your skin, combine 1/2 cup bath salts with a drizzle of body oil, and scrub trouble spots like elbows and knees or bottoms of the feet.

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