Calendula oil

Natural:100 % pure oil
Volume: 1,7 , 3.4 , 8.5 oz

Why Calendula oil ?

Calendula plant is not an oil plant, therefore, has no oil in itself and the essential way to extract its outstanding features is to infuse Calendula flowers in the base oil which will outline and improve the advantages of Calendula plant. The best base oil for this task would be 100% pure almond oil of course.

Therefore, 100% pure and natural Calendula Oil is made by the extraction of natural Calendula flowers infused in pure almond oil which gives you all the benefits of both.

Calendula oil works particularly well when taking care of facial skin, because it makes skin more elastic and smoothes wrinkles. Thanks to the high content of vitamins.


Health and beauty:

Treat your health and beauty with special care with the help of natural carrier oils.


Attention!Externally applicable. It has a specific grass smell. Before use - perform an individual sensitivity test against the product

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