Castor Oil

Natural: 100%
Volume: 1.7, 3.4 Fl Oz

Why Castor Oil ?

Natural Castor Oil India Ricinus Communis build up a natural complex of vitamins, biologically active substances, fatty acids and other useful components required for our health and beauty of our skin, hair, face and body.

Ricinus Communis Castor Seed Oil mean the natural protection and care. The regular use of castor oil allows extending youth and health of your skin and hair.

Rich with vitamins, minerals, micro- and macro elements which cannot be replaced when taking regular care at any age. 100% Pure and Natural Castor Oil is a pledge of your Beauty, Well-being, Health, Beauty of your Hair, Face and whole Body!

Health and Beauty

Trust yourself in hands of nature's forces and make a right choice! The nature itself takes care of you using Aromatika oils!

Treat your health and beauty with special care with the help of natural Aromatika oils.


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