Coffee Body Scrub

Volume: 0.9  lbs

Why Coffee Body Scrub  ?

Anti-cellulite Peeling - with caffeine, a coffee body scrub (arabica) will help in the fight against cellulite, improve the skin, make it smooth and supple!

Enriched in Minerals of Sea Salt - exfoliates wonderfully the dead cells of the skin, promotes microcirculation, renews the skin, gives it the feeling of smoothness and softness

Sea Salt and Coffee is an excellent skin detox known to help in reducing dead skin and other skin blemishes through exfoliation

Coffee-Based Body Scrub have a lifting effect, smooth the skin, relieve inflammation, eliminate fine wrinkles and stretch marks. You will look good and smell good after using this product

Health and Beauty

Fill yourself with a good mood and well-being using Aromatika Scrubs!



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