Fragrant Lavender Buds

Why Fragrant Lavender Buds ?

Bring the lavender fragrance of Provence to your home!

Lavender flowers fill the space with the fragrance of the French Provence. They will help you to relax, calm down, and revive your spirits.

You can use dried lavender flowers to make a sachet for aromatizing your linen, clothes, wardrobes, or children's room.

Dried lavender flowers 100 g are used for handmade cosmetics and soap, as well as for a perfumed hot bath. Lavender smell scares away moth and wraps your belongings in a wonderful scent.

Health and Beauty

Trust yourself in hands of nature's forces and make a right choice! The nature itself takes care of you using Aromatika Fragrant Lavender Buds!

Treat your health and beauty with special care with the help of natural Aromatika Fragrant Lavender Buds.

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