Goat Milk Soap Base 35.0 oz


A perfect foundation for making handmade soap.

Basis of natural components.

Goat’s Milk Soap Base is a beautiful handmade gift to make or receive. The resulting soap is still handcrafted with love right in your home kitchen, and the shape, add-ins, and scents are all your own.

Goat Milk Soap Base is white, not transparent, and has no smell. The base cools quick­ly, which makes the work process eas­i­er.


How to use:

1) Open the package and cut off the desired amount of soap base that you would like to use.

Try to cut the soap into small dices in order to support the melting of the substance smoothly.

2) Gradually heat the soap base at a temperature below 60°c (either in a steam bath or in a microwave oven). Make sure it does not start boiling or burning.

3) Add essential oils, flavorings, colorants, and other additives of your choice to the melted soap base.

4) Carefully stir it, then pour it into a special mold. When the soap solidifies, just take it out of the mold.

Please, note: do not put the product on the open fire. Soap base reaches high temperature when being melted (it becomes hot).


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