Melissa aroma spray

  • Natural AROMATHERAPY SPRAY brings scent of Melissa with powerful bright lemony herbaceous undertones to any space. You can use it like lovely pillow spray for a BEDTIME.
  • MELISSA ROOM MIST for a wonderful LONG LASTING fragrance, blended with 100% pure Melissa Indicum essential oil to give you a deep feeling of refreshing and renewing.
  • MELISSA AROMATHERAPY SPRAY is PERFECT to refresh sheets, clothes, blankets, and comforters between washings, as well as for carpets, curtains, or any fabric that needs deodorizing.
  • MELISSA SPRAY APPLICATIONS - use as room spray, deodorant, pillow & linen spray, air freshener or simply sniff from the bottle in moments of need to promote positive effect of smell on your mood.
  • The true aromatic elixir MELISSA OIL AROMA SPRAY with its' FRESHENING & DEODORING properties will promote sweet lemony scent; all unpleasant odors will be refreshed and neutralized.

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