Olive Oil Extra Virgin

Natural: 100%
Volume: 1.7, 3.4 Fl Oz

Why Olive Oil Extra Virgin ?

The required unsaturated fatty acids contained in the olive oil accelerate the skin regeneration, vitamins A and D contribute to its faster enovation, and vitamin E prevents its aging as a strong antioxidant. This cold pressed oil can be used for facial and body skin, hair and nail care. Vitamin E contained in the oil protects the skin from the water loss by recovering the natural lipid layer; the result is that the skin looks moisturized, soft and healthy.

The olive oil masks are effective for the mature facial skin; by nourishing and moisturizing the skin, this oil smoothest small wrinkles and gives the skin elasticity and plasticity back.

Health and Beauty

Trust yourself in hands of nature's forces and make a right choice! The nature itself takes care of you using Aromatika oils!

Treat your health and beauty with special care with the help of natural Aromatika oils.

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