Reed diffuser rose

Natural:100 % 
Volume: 100 ml

    Why Reed diffuser rose?   

    Rose Reed diffuser includes natural Rose essential oil, that is present in the composition, invigorates and fills with energy, improves the mood Rose Diffuser fills the room with intensive and lasting natural fragrance 


    The reed diffuser is the latest tool for aromatherapy. The oil evaporates through the bamboo sticks at room temperature. The reed diffusers do not require any heating, which makes the diffuser a very safe alternative to bring a pleasant smell to any place in hour home, office, or hotel room.

    The AROMATIKAroma diffuser will spread a special accent in your room, get rid of unpleasant odors, enhance your well-being, and leaves your cozy room in the memory of you and your guests as a place you would like to go back to. 

    Reed diffuser rose, including eight bamboo sticks



    Reed diffuser rose fills the room with an intensive and lasting natural fragrance. The time of full evaporation is about 10 weeks.

    Fill your house with fresh aromas from the Aromatika TM collection. 

     Method of application

    1) Open the bottle,

    2) Insert bamboo sticks into the bottle with liquid. The strength of the fragrance depends on the quantity of inserted bamboo sticks. By using fewer bamboo sticks, the strength will decrease for a lighter aroma fragrance.

    3) Rotate the bamboo sticks once in the four days to keep up the intensity level.

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