Refill Lavender

Volume: 16 FL Oz

Why Refill Lavender ?

BEST DIFFUSER Refill to bring scent of Lavender, calmness and tranquility to any space. We love Lavender Oil for its relaxing, floral scent. You will fill a wave of calm over your entire body

100% ALCOHOL FREE REED OIL DIFFUSER for a wonderful LONG LASTING fragrance. Contains 500ml of Lavender oil diffuser refill. The more sticks you add, the stronger the scent

BEAUTIFUL VERSATILE LAVENDER OIL AROMA will promote calmness and wellness, all unpleasant odors will be removed. Oil diffusers are ideal for office spaces or home areas, guest toilets and bedrooms

ALMING & REFRESHING properties make Lavender Essential Oil the best oil to help relax mind & body. Just pour the refill into a clean diffuser bottle insert sticks and enjoy of a new aroma world

Health and Beauty

Revive yourself with a good mood and well-being using aroma refill diffusers with natural oils!

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