Shea soap base - 17.6 oz

  • THE HIGH QUALITY SOAP BASE - the key to successful soap making at home. You can create a natural soap your loved ones and for yourself with your favorite fragrance
  • HANDLING: open the packaging; cut off the necessary amount of soap base; cut into small cubes so that they melt faster
  • HANDMADE - Pouring, decorating with the most diverse casting molds, colors, fragrances, etc. Also, any everyday objects such as silicone molds, ice cube molds etc. can be used
  • Shea Butter is Usefully in Soap Making - has softening, moisturizing and regenerating properties, increases shelf life and makes the soap whiteness
  • CRYSTAL SHEA Soap base does not dry out the skin as it is natural Glycerin & Shea Butter. Add oils to them - and get excellent soap creations

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